Impressions do not merely enter his mind; they form it...The child creates his own “mental muscles,” using for this what he finds in the world about him.
— Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952) spent her life studying and observing children. The first Montessori school began with children aged 3 to 6, which she called the Casa dei Bambini, in the slums of San Lorenzo in Rome in 1906. She was dedicated to understanding how to best meet their needs, and through her work, she developed what we refer to as the Montessori Method of Education. Her work and understanding of the child spanned the entire development timeline of the child from birth through age 24. Distinctly different from traditional methods of education, Dr. Montessori developed a method of education that is based on observations of the child. She observed the brain development that occurs from birth. Her discoveries of the child have since been confirmed through scientific studies of the brain using today's technological advances.  Having lived through two World Wars, she strongly believed that only through the child could we bring peace and harmony to the world.