Every child deserves the gift of Montessori, and it is our goal to make Montessori accessible to as many families as possible across the globe.  To that end, we are providing patterns to download following AMI Montessori guidelines, so that you can make your very own Montessori materials without having to pay the high cost associated with many materials.  We will be adding patterns all the time. Check back for regular updates!

The Topponcino

  1. Moves with the baby, serving as a secure point of reference
  2. Supports trust and security within the child
  3. Assists with gentle handling and holding of the infant
  4. Prevents over-stimulation with the touch of so many hands
  5. Has the scent of the caregiver(s) and baby, providing the child with a sensorial point of reference
  6. Helps to regulate the body temperature of the child